Insect and Disease Control

Insects & diseases can be serious problems for trees. Our knowledgeable, certified arborists have the experience and the resources to identify pests and recommend the appropriate course of action. Often pests are just a symptom of general tree stress, which can be reduced through simple cultural improvements in soil, moisture and nutrients. Other times trees are attacked by introduced pests, such as Dutch Elm Disease, which leave them vulnerable without properly timed and applied treatments.

How do we treat for insect and disease issues?

Cortese Tree Specialists offer several advanced techniques to treat insect and disease issues. One method is Micro-injection, a systemic technique used to provide a quick “shot” to your tree. Micro-injection is also used when no other means of accessing tree roots is available. It works like this: small holes are drilled directly into the sapwood (cambium) of the tree approximately six inches apart around the base of the tree, then a small pressurized capsule filled with the proper dosage of material is installed using a specially designed “feeder” tube. The pressure in the capsule forces the material into the sap stream and up into the leaves.

Micro-injection is one of our most important treatment tools. By placing pesticides and fungicides directly into the sap stream of the tree, the materials are delivered right where they are needed and you and your property are protected from unnecessary exposure to pesticides.

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