Knoxville, TN Tree Fertilization Services

Tree Fertilization

Our tree fertilization plan is designed to provide the maximum amount of nutrients and minor elements for your trees.

We can fertilize your trees in two basic ways:

Liquid Root Fertilization – We use high pressure soil injection equipment that places water soluble fertilizer and micro-nutrients right where they are needed, making them readily available to the root system.

Micro-injection – This technique is used to provide a quick nutrient “shot” when a boost is needed for a severely stressed tree. Micro-injection is also used when no other means to accessing tree roots is available. Micro-injection works like this: small holes are drilled directly into the sapwood (cambium) of the tree approximately six inches apart around the base of the tree, then a small, pressurized capsule filled with fertilizer (or other materials) is installed using a specially designed “feeder” tube. The pressure in the capsule forces the fertilizer into the sap stream and up into the leaves, right where it needs to be!

We don’t just fertilize!

Arborists have known for a long time that forest soils contain very important components that are often missing in urban soils. Rich organic matter and beneficial organisms have usually been stripped away from the soils around our homes leaving a very challenging environment for our landscape, trees and shrubs.

Using Diehard™, We can supply your trees with essential materials in two ways:

1. As an additive to our liquid root fertilization; or
2. As a dry additive to our vertical mulch and soil fracturing systems to provide solid aeration and organic matter.

Using Davey's complete tree fertilizer Arbor Green Pro®, we give your trees just the right ratio of high-quality nutrients to keep them healthy. The fertilizer's blend mimics natural nutrients in the forest environment to improve soil structure and the tree's resistance to stressful weather and pests and disease. 

Our certified arborists will recommend the best treatment for your trees based on their specific needs. 

Topical sprays are used when they are the best and quickest method of treatment. Whether it is spraying your prized boxwood or your 90-foot oak, we have all the necessary equipment to perform your job safely and efficiently.

Soil drench and/or soil injection is also an effective method of delivering treatment to trees.

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